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I’ve been a very busy boy over the last week or so, especially between Friday & Monday when I played 5 gigs which totalled over 15 hours of playing!

Friday was The Bell & Castle in Derby.

 A nice pub on the outskirts of the city centre, I always enjoy playing there because the audience are always very lively and enjoy a dance and a bit of banter. This show was no different. 99 percent of the audience were enjoying and joining in with the performance….apart from 1 really drunk older chap who insisted on performing a w*nker sign every time I used my loop pedal (clearly a purist who wanted some sort or Mark Knopfler tribute). So, “how do you react to this” I hear you ask! Well, I stopped my song and asked how he was, how had his week been, and does he have some sort of twitch in his hand? He looked very silly but I bought him a drink and we moved on – he even smiled in the end. Steve 1 – Haters 0

Saturday was a private booking at The Greyhound in Derby.

I had been booked for nearly a year for this show and was looking forward to it. Kelly who had booked me was throwing a 30th birthday bash for her partner. I had been watching the event page on Facebook fill with embarrassing photos all year and somehow they had kept the event from him. Again, this was a really enjoyable show (I love my job) with all age groups there from young kids to grand-parents. I was really keen that they were happy with the job I did, so I also came prepared with a playlist for when I wasn’t playing live. The show went well with me performing (at the audiences request) rare live tracks live Lion Sleeps Tonight. To top it off, when Kelly brought out the cake with candles she had also got a cupcake for myself as well as a couple of the guests who had birthdays close to the date! Kelly, if you’re reading I’ll play for you guys any time!

Sunday I had 2 events to play at.

First up was my very first wedding fayre at Burton Town Hall with I arrived suited & booted with business cards so fresh they still smelled new….(you know what I mean, similar to a new book or the inlay of a brand new CD) and unsure of what to expect. What I found was an extremely welcoming group of people made up of various wedding professionals from many venues and businesses….too many to name here. (I’m sure as my blogs build u they will all get a mention). It was a long day but it was also a satisfying one as I made lots of business connections and had a few couples interested in booking me for their event.

I packed up and went to my next gig via the Red Lion in Repton. I had to set up the PA kit so that John Beer could cover my open mic night. And the next gig?

That was at Seven Bar & Restaurant on Pride Park in Derby.

It was a charity event and auction for the Helping Hearts charity. I played my 3 sets and was fed a beautiful meal (take note other clients….this goes down well haha). Also at this event was a young magician called Luca Gallone who is a fantastic close-up magician. If you’ve not heard of him then remember the name – I’ve seen Derren Brown close up and this guy is just as good!  After the auction there were a few people still around so I played for them until my voice was raw and my fingers had had enough. A very enjoyable day and evening which left me shattered but smiling.

Monday I was at Stafford University’s Stoke campus.

This is a nice venue with lovely staff and this was the 5th week I had played there. It reminded me of my time at Derby University where I found a real apathy amongst students towards live music. The aforementioned apathy coupled with the venue’s inability to put up the posters I had printed and laminated meant that the largest crowd I ever played to was 6 people. In such circumstances I will always still play an energetic set but I think that will be the last time I am there. It’s a shame as the staff were polite but no one seemed too bothered. I still got paid but that’s not the point. I sincerely hope that the venue manage to change how they approach their attempt at live music as the current approach isn’t good for anybody. I mention all this because I want to make the point that my blogs are honest and genuine, if I enjoy a gig I will say so. Onwards & upwards.


As I write this I am about to embark on 3 gigs in 2 days (Hinckley, Derby, Repton) as well as watching Jurgen Klopp’s mighty red army (on TV of course). The review of all this will be soon. Have a great weekend wherever you are!

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