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Its Been A While

My last post was 27th October. Where Have I been? erm......nowhere really.

On November I had a fairly serious car crash. No loss of life but I did suffer a broken collar bone. Apart from being painful I was gutted because it meant I had to cancel about 30 shows spanning the duration of November & December. But....nobody died, so all is well!

So 2016!  Ive got 90 shows booked already for this year including festivals, pub gigs, weddings, parties, covers and original work, and even a tour of UK Holiday Parks which will take me all around the UK coast including Wales, Devon, Isle Of Wight, Kent, and Norfolk, as well as the North East & North West. 

My aim for this year is to get as near to 300 shows as I possibly can......I always say aim high and be ambitious!

So other than directing you to my updated gig listing here I have not much to add.

Other than.......

David Bowie's passing was 3 days ago now. When I was growing up I was bought up more on The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Queen and The Who. But all through that time there was this guy who was just SO COOL! He'd turn up singing with Queen, or Mick Jagger, or Annie Lennox and you couldn't help but be drawn by his presence. So it's fair to say I got properly into David Bowie's music retrospectively in my early 20's.  His sheer range of styles, Aliases, genres, and creative ideas as well as the ability to embrace technology and the future just blows me away. 

I have managed to work out an arrangement of Bowie's track Life On Mars. 

You can watch it here

One of the most beautiful songs ever written. I hope you like it



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